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CBSRMT Episode Information
Hell Hath No Fury
An actor conspires to kill his rich wife, but her sister, being a modern witch, is keeping abreast and schemes against him.
Air Dates:
First Run - February 24, 1975
Repeat - May 14, 1975
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4 Responses to Episode 0228

A couple in the entertainment industry achieve different degrees of success. She is making significant money with her career while he is only spending what she is making. Her sister-in-law is his wife's manager and agent and sees the disparity between the income and the expenses. She recommends to her sister that she go on an allowance and cut her husband off with minimal access to the cash. The husband is bitter and blames it on jealousy because of their affair in the past. The agent sister is also a practicing witch and seeks insight into the future of her sister.

Another supernatural tale about precognition and revenge. The only character that was likeable was the wife, the rest weren't really good people (her sister was a witch after all and took personal and magical revenge rather than giving the courts their due). Was the punishment at the end just? I guess it depends upon your point of view and mine is conflicted.

Ian named the witch sister Elspeth Eric Whitmore. I presume it was an inside joke at the CBS Radio Mystery Theater.

The witch in this story came up with a really awful punishment for the jerk who killed her sister. It's clear she loved her sister very much, but wow! She can surely think of ways to torture people! But one could say he deserved it, since he didn't get punished legally for murdering his wife. On the other hand, part of me feels a bit sorry for him at the same time, so I have some mixed feelings. Still, he is such an unlikable character that I don't care much about what happens to him, lol! @Ian, I wonder what the "Elspeth Eric Whitmore" joke was about, lol! :D

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