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Charity Is Never Dead
An explosion occurs in a departmental store, leaving an old lady badly wounded who is immediately taken to the emergency unit of a hospital. She is freaked out when she cannot find her granddaughter whom she just met after a decade. In the meantime a young lady is brought to the hospital after sustaining a severe head injury resulting in amnesia. Are the women related?
Air Dates:
First Run - December 18, 1974
Repeat - February 11, 1975
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4 Responses to Episode 0188

"Charity is Never Dead" was more of a sappy, Lifetime Network movie of the week. 1 star--not one of my favorites.

This play centers on the lives of two women who have recently been injured in a disaster. The younger woman is afflicted with amnesia as a result of the trauma and the older woman is blinded. The older woman believes the younger woman is her granddaughter but neither can prove the relationship because of their injuries. In the end, we learn the truth.

In the aftermath of an explosion at a department store, an elderly woman emerges critically wounded pleading for her granddaughter who was with her. Another woman survives but seems to have lost all memory of who she was and where she belongs. The old woman, struck blind, is certain the young woman is her granddaughter, and there is no evidence to the contrary… yet is there no evidence that to prove that she is either. The need of the dying woman for a family connection in her dying moments, and the need for the amnesiac for some sense of identity lead the two down a trail of discovery and fulfillment

As Davy commented this is more of a sappy story, but I still enjoyed it more than he did. The one thing that didn't work for me was the question of the girl's motives - they never seemed to be for bad reasons, perhaps just misunderstood.

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