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CBSRMT Episode Information
The Whimpering Pond
While visiting old friends at remote country manor, a novelist chances upon a mysterious figure within the mists shrouding an old pond. He later learns of the strange disappearance of woman and realizes that her restless spirit is haunting the area.
Air Dates:
First Run - April 23, 1982
Repeat - July 30, 1982
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8 Responses to Episode 1319

What a beautiful and resonate voice Mandel Kramer has. Amazing!

I believe this program has suffered due to the changing times. While it may have been exciting and spooky in it's time, the pacing seems to plod along awkwardly towards an unsatisfactory ending. While the idea of a ghost in the pond is promising, I think this episode could have been edited to half it's length without losing anything

A successful writer hears a tale of the mysterious disappearance of a woman who used to reside in the countryside house where he has made a retreat. It isn't long before his creative mind begins to tug at the strings of mystery, hoping to unravel the enigma. What is the mystery of the mournful apparition in the fog of the pond?

Yeah, that was a good one. I too heard a lot of the TG RMTs. Goo dstuff.

Your description of Tammy vs. E.G. is right on and I agree. I listened to her nightly in 1982 and really came to appreciate her voice and her style. She certainly isn't better than E.G., just different, but in a mysterious way. The plots in many of the later shows were more contemporary than the earlier ones. I guess just showing the changing times since the shows were largely written by the same writers through the whole series, i.e. Sam Dann, Roy Windsor, Elspeth Eric, Bob Juhren, G.F. Lewis, James Agate Jr. For this particular episode, if I should critique, it was too predictable. Too much was given away in the intro so you knew what was going to happen. The acting and sound effects, though, really paint a vivid picture in my mind. My relatives have a cabin in the Rocky mountains of Northern New Mexico and as a youth we visited frequently. There is a lake or pond visible from the front porch and at night it was sometimes ominous (and very cold) outside. So this episode reminds me very much of our trips to NM in the late 1970s and early 1980s, right at the time I was listening to Mystery Theatre every night.

Tammy has a very different style than E.G. Marshall, much less ominous yet still mysterious behind the veil. I enjoyed the show - the acting was excellent as usual, although the setting was more contemporary than most CBSRMT plots.

This was as good an episode as there is. 5 stars. If you enjoy classic who-done-its with a strong cast, "The Whimpering Pond" is just perfect.

A very old-fashioned ghostly mystery. It doesn't bring anything fresh or particularly interesting to the table, but Mandel Kramer gives a strong central performance, and the atmosphere is terrific. Funny that the old author should give a speech on how difficult it is to write an interesting plot...

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