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CBSRMT Episode Information
Adam's Astral Self
The ability to project his spiritual self to other places while asleep annoys Adam Farr's wife to no end. When she finally leaves him, he comes up with the perfect plan to woo her.
Air Dates:
First Run - July 23, 1974
Repeat - December 7, 1974
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6 Responses to Episode 0122

Adam Farr is able to project his "astral self" to other locales while asleep. This drives his wife crazy and she leaves him. But he has a plan to get her back.

Adam Farr is able to project his "astral self" to other locales while asleep which drives his wife nuts. She leaves him; but he has a plan to get her back.

A successful actor has the ability to transport his ‘astral body’ to any place, and does so as part of his job. His wife is uncomfortable with it and leaves him. He uses his powers to try to bring her back. While she is away, she meets another ordinary man and falls in love with him, but she can’t keep it secret from her husband with his special powers. Lots of potential but the story fell flat.

A woman breaks up with a spiritualist who threatens to use his telepathic powers to kill her new lover.

I'm not sure Adam was completely sane. I have a hard time judging him too harshly. I don't approve of murder, even in case of infidelity, but I'm not entirely sure he was consciously aware of what he was doing. Astral projection.

I hate Tessa. She is a selfish b@#*h! She is totally disrespectful and has no understanding in the vows she took. She leaves her son behind and was separated from her husband for short time and has already found a lover? I wish Adam fell on her.And I like her mother even less. The mother has no sense of values or how to instill them. I can't for the life of me understand why she didn't try to reunited her daughter and Adam. Or why she felt such loyalty towards her when Tessa reasoning was childish.

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