Robert Newman (Writer)

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(06-27-1958 - ) Age 61

Robert Newman wrote for a number of old time radio shows and was in charge of the radio coverage FDR's re-election campaign. He also wrote for TV Soaps.

He appeared in the following 3 episodes of Radio Mystery Theater
Date Episode Title Plot
03/06/1974 0052 The Sending Innocent co-eds at a college get their souls sold to the demon by their professor. Black magic is afoot as the professor barters their souls to extend his wife's life.
04/04/1974 0069 The Thing Inside A couple buy a curious paper weight made from glass in a curio store. The artist husband soon gets obsessed with it and the wife suspects his involvement in the death of an avaricious developer. She also thinks he is being controlled by an evil spirit.
04/22/1977 0639 The Prisoner of Zenda The coronation of a new king is disrupted when the king's brother drugs him. A distant relative who closely resembles the king steps in to take his place at the coronation.

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