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The Storm Breeder


After being cursed to wander New England forever in search of their home, a lost soul and his daughter are doomed to bring rain in the wake of their passing. Moved by pity, a young judge works to bring peace to his restless spirit.



Air Dates

  • First Run - October 28, 1975
  • Repeat - March 27, 1976





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A traditional New England haunting story, but extremely well done. The focus is, rightly, on the spirit rather than his exorciser, and we are treated to a great deal of pathos as a result (even if the story does backtrack over itself once or twice). Very highly recommended.


Set in the early 1800's, a young judge becomes determined to solve the mystery of a man and his young daughter who seem to be endlessly wandering around New England in a horse drawn wagon trying to find Boston and their home. He meets people who have encountered the pair on the road occasion and have strange tales to tell.

A. Bernard

A lost soul and his daughter are cursed to forever wander New England in search of home. Always behind him comes rain. A young judge aims to put his soul to rest.

Alicia F.

Adapted from the William Austin story about a man and his daughter who appear to be wandering lost for decades. Behind them, in perpetuity, is a storm they are constantly trying to outrun. A curious judge pursues him in an attempt to discover the truth behind the mystery.


This story, written by William Austin in New England 1824, is an allegory for the "Wandering Jew", banished from his homeland, forever persecuted and in exile, expelled from country to country for 2 thousand years, subjected to anti semitism. Many metaphors are used, such as Boston as a metaphor for Jerusalem and Zion, certain scenes suggest the blood libels and other persecutions, some people represent the righteous Gentiles. Although it has poor sound quality and is difficult to follow, it is worth listening all the way to the end, the heart wrenching end, with its allusions to the destruction of Solomon's Temple in Jerusalem, the destruction of Zion, how prescient of the author, in 1824, he foreshadowed, but did not know it, the ultimate STORM, over 100 years later, the rise of Nazism, Fascism, and the Holocaust! The Storm devouring. And then a few years after that, that the author could never have imagined- the State of Israel! A Homeland for the Wandering Jew. How amazing that on Mystery Theater we are introduced to this early American Literary genius, an antecedent of Nathaniel Hawthorne. And this week is the 70 anniversary of the end of the Holocaust from Auschwitz.


A good listen, I don't know about the history of the story or the allegories within, but still a good listen. Although the fate of the rider isn't good, they do mention that bringing the storm with him sometimes was good for an area that hadn't had rain in a while.


"The Storm Breeder." is my favorite.


I loved this episode, it just takes you away to another place and time. Its sad the speed is a little off


For some 20 years in the early 1800s, many who lived in the eastern United States met on the road an open carriage drawn by a fierce black horse, carrying a man and his young daughter who clung to him in terror. They called him the storm breeder, because he was always pursued by an ominous black cloud. He told people he was trying to get back home to Boston, but was never able to find his way -- until a New York judge determines to help him.


I was just saying to a friend the other day that, while stories that take place at periods during american history are common, you rarely see/hear stories that take place between 1800-1865.


Today, he could be the Muslim refugee. Arabic is s Semitic language.

Scooter D & the Greens

A wonderfully haunting and spooky episode! I love that it takes place in the post Colonial period in New England. Great voice acting and accents. The sound effects of the horses are excellent, too! Highly recommend this story! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Eric Templeton

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