Santos Ortega (Actor)

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Santos Ortega starred in Radio's The Adventures of Nero Wolf and narrated The Shadow.

He appeared in the following 4 episodes of Radio Mystery Theater
Date Episode Title Plot
01/22/1974 0017 A Very Old Man A wizened man has clairvoyance abilities and even relieve physical suffering with a simple touch
01/26/1974 0021 The Ring of Truth A tortured story about a father's coercion to get his daughter to testify against her beloved in a homicide by vehicle case.
09/03/1974 0143 The Imp in the Bottle A man buys an amulet that can make his wishes come true. But in order to salvage his soul, he must dispose of it before he dies by selling it for a lesser price than he had bought it for.
10/16/1975 0363 Stay Out of Dutchman's Woods While picnicking in the woods of Maine, a young couple on vacation are separated and become hopelessly lost. The woman makes her way back to civilization, while the man encounters the forest's beautiful enchantress.

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I wish Ortega would have lived a few more years; he was terrific in the episodes he starred in.


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