Mia Dillon (Actor)

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(07-09-1955 - ) Age 69

Mia Dillon was nominated for a Tony in 1982 for Best Actress in Crimes of the Heart.




She appeared in the following 3 episodes of Radio Mystery Theater
Date Episode Title Plot
09/20/1982 1371 The Way Station When they accidentally overhear their father talking to men they know have already passed away, a pair of twins learn that there is more to their gravedigger father than they realize.
10/27/1982 1387 The Voice That Wouldn't Die Upon hearing a keening and plaintive wail emanating from the ruins of a ruined house at their new manor grounds, a young woman asks her father, a doctor and the local priest to uncover the mystery.
12/02/1982 1398 The Last Plan A pair of young quarrelsome and paranoid neighbors enlists the aid of an eccentric old woman to act as mediator. She hires a professional hit man to watch over them and informs them that if one kills the other, they will both die.

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The last plan. When i have a long day it’s put me to sleep at night

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