Lois Kibbee (Actor)

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(07-13-1922 - 10-18-1993) Age 71

Lois Kibbee appeared on the The Edge of Night and One Life to Live.

She appeared in the following 2 episodes of Radio Mystery Theater
Date Episode Title Plot
09/09/1977 0706 The Woman in the Green Dress An apparition of a lady in a green dress haunts a visitor in his friend's residence. Things get interesting when he finds her mentioned in a coat of arms in the architecture of a derelict, local church. Further enquiry with the old church sexton reveals a strange murder committed nearly eighty years back. Can he solve the mystery now?
04/20/1978 0819 The Avocado Jungle An aged actress is helped by a writer to pen down her memoirs. She ends up revealing a secret that gets taped.

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