Eileen Heckart (Actor)

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(03-29-1919 - 12-31-2001) Age 82

Eileen Heckart had success in Stage, Movie, and TV appearances. She was married to insurance broker John Yankee Jr for 53 years.


She appeared in the following 2 episodes of Radio Mystery Theater
Date Episode Title Plot
09/09/1977 0706 The Woman in the Green Dress An apparition of a lady in a green dress haunts a visitor in his friend's residence. Things get interesting when he finds her mentioned in a coat of arms in the architecture of a derelict, local church. Further enquiry with the old church sexton reveals a strange murder committed nearly eighty years back. Can he solve the mystery now?
09/12/1977 0707 First Childhood An intelligent but whimsical aged lady must prove herself capable in mind as detractors try to take away her house and livelihood. But they might be up for a surprise.

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