Rosemary Murphy (Actor)

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(01-13-1925 - 07-05-2014) Age 89

Rosemary Murphy was born to American Parents in Munich. She made her stage debut in Germany, and has appeared on Broadway in 15 productions.


She appeared in the following 6 episodes of Radio Mystery Theater
Date Episode Title Plot
05/29/1974 0098 The Phantom Lullaby The caring parents of a young woman rent her a luxurious house to recuperate from a bitter affair and an abortion. But trouble seems to shadow her footsteps as a resident spirit in the apartment haunts her.
02/03/1975 0217 Death On Skis Every year, at similar time periods and during a full moon, blonde women are brutally murdered at a famous ski resort. When a renowned author takes his blonde wife to that dangerous slope to complete his book, she starts to suspect him.
12/23/1975 0401 The Murder Market Being engaged to a penny-pinching fiancee is tiresome and dull. The young lady is eager to accept a new and exciting career which unexpectedly leads to homicide!
01/21/1976 0419 The Lady of the Mist It is said that the pool in which the Lady of the Mist waterfall cascades into reviles all who attempt to usurp the place of Meg Drayton, lady of the Manor. Her Brother Charles' first wife fell into the lake and was never seen again. Ten years later, he has returned with a young wife who plans to take over the manor. Enraged by their presumption, Meg concocts a scheme to fulfill the myth of the Lady of the Mist.
09/16/1976 0519 Dr. Peterson's Pills The country doctor in Maine appears to have a pink pill cure-all for every ailment, but his miracle skills have a price now to be paid...
09/30/1976 0527 Not for Sale Faye Colfax inherits her uncle Milo's antique shop when he is murdered during an apparent robbery attempt. When she refuses to sell the shop to the man who inhabits the upstairs apartment, she runs into major trouble. Against the advice of her husband Brian, her uncle's friend, Mr. Miller, and her uncle's ghost, she decides to keep and run the shop.

4 Responses to Murphy Rosemary

She was awesome in The Phantom Lullaby, however, I love her in You'll Like My Mother. She scared the bejesus out of me as Mrs. Kinsolving. Her character was quite good in The Attic, as well.


She has a fantastic voice, but she scared me to death when she was Mrs Kinsolving, in You'll Like My Mother.


Rosemary Murphy was a well known Broadway actress. She appeared in 15 Broadway productions and was nominated for 3 Tony awards. She had over 90 appearances in film and television including the daytime soap operas, Secret Storm, All My Children, Another World and As The World Turns. She won one Primetime Emmy. She is best remembered for her role of Maudie Atkinson in the film, To Kill a Mockingbird. She appeared on radio in a 1956 episode of X-Minus One entitled, The Roads Must Roll written by Robert A. Heinlein.


She scared the crap out of me when she was Mrs Kinsolving in You'll Like My Mother! She was going to look the other way when poor Patty Duke was going to be raped and murdered. This was after the kittens were drowned because they were not good enough. I loved her in The Attic as that strict and rotten mother. She was terrific in The Phantom Lullaby with her snooty, stuck up voice. I liked her.


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