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CBSRMT Episode Information
Dressed to Kill
An unemployed actor plans a bizarre drama of enacting his own death and consequently impersonating his wife to claim the insurance money.
Air Dates:
First Run - May 30, 1974
Repeat - August 4, 1974
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8 Responses to Episode 0099

There was a 1980 film called "Dressed To Kill" featuring a male murderer in women's clothes, but there the similarity ends. Robert Morse's voice acting is fantastic, switching between male and female voices with apparent effortlessness. Crime thriller, no supernatural elements.

Intersting "Crack in the Wall" has a plot that may have inspired Tobe Hooper's "Poltergeist" now this - "Mad Men"'s Robert Morse in a "Tootsie" like tale. More sinister motives then Dustin Hoffman's though...

I knew there was NO WAY he could possibly get away with it. Even by 1970's standards, but it was still fun to listen to him try.

A struggling actor and part-time con man finds a devilish means towards financial security. He puts forth a brilliant performance when he dresses in drag. But is it enough to pull the wool over the eyes of the police?

In this story, a lawyer defends a client in a murder trial. After an acquittal is reached, the lawyer learns the truth about his client and he struggles with what to do.

An out-of-work actor concocts a scheme to fake his death and then "play" his wife in order to collect the insurance payoff.

An out of work, but wiley and charismatic young actor plots a performance that will make use of his talents and net him a bunch of cash... staging his own accidental death, then playing the part of his wife to collect the double indemnity insurance. I enjoyed this episode and was surprised by the voice of the insurance agent who, in my file, is unidentified at the end because the file was clipped. Perhaps you'll recognize him too!

"Dressed to Kill" was a fun episode to listen to although extremely predictable. Peter, an out of work actor, plays the part of a lifetime as a woman. His female voice was quite comical. A different episode indeed, but nothing special. Alas, just 3 stars.

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