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CBSRMT Episode Information
Search for Eden
('H. G. Wells story')
After surviving an avalanche, a mountain climbing guide finds himself in a strange village inhabited only by blind people.
Air Dates:
First Run - May 7, 1979
Repeat - October 4, 1979
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5 Responses to Episode 0977

An adaptation of the popular short story by HG Wells. It was a popular story in the days of old time radio, and is now presented here in today’s hour long feature. In particular, compare this to,June 27, 1948 episode of ESCAPE: Country Of The Blind.

I also rat this as a good episode. I would give it 3 out of 5. The idea for the story reminds a me a little of the twilight zone episode where the woman is awaiting the results of her surgery and her face is wrapped with gauze.. you wait the whole time to see her face and when you do beautiful! Except it was not beautiful in there eyes... Very loosely similar but none the less eye sight was a liability to the other in the town. They thought the gentleman could not think clearly with it! Very interesting in that most would think those poor villager all of them blind and they are thinking those poor sighted folks can't think clearly! Great story and principle to ponder!

For that Fourth of July revolutionary mood, I suggest the show "The Headless Hessian" posted at CBSRMT.com. Lloyd Bochner plays George Washington. A young man's romantic maneuvers almost get him killed before the Battle of Trenton but the future Pres figures out how to make his shenanigans work for the Yanks. Really enjoyable episode.

Battista performed in 96 episodes of CBSRMT. Most times he played backing roles, but one lead role that was particularly good is Search for Eden (977)

This H. G. Wells classic should have been adapted into the TWILIGHT ZONE series because it fits into the world of fantasy. Just imagine putting yourself in the main character's shoes where you found a place in the wor...See More

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