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CBSRMT Episode Information
The Shock of His Life
A gambling addict receives the power to predict the outcome of sporting events when he is electrocuted while fixing his television. He uses his new powers to get rich with disastrous consequences.
Air Dates:
First Run - February 19, 1979
Repeat - August 14, 1979
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2 Responses to Episode 0955

Monday, February 19 (Time) -- WXXX, CBS RADIO MYSTERY THEATER, “The Shock of His Life,” starring Larry Haines, with E.G. Marshall, host. After suffering a violent electric shock, a man realizes he can read the future like it was the first page of tomorrow’s newspaper. Bar and grill owner Herbie Boggs, furious because his television set goes clack just as a Sunday football game is about to begin, tries to fix the set himself. Result: an electric shock that sends him to the hospital. When he recovers, he discovers he has developed the capability of predicting what will happen the next day. Sadie, his wife, without being electrified, but with a woman’s intuition, foresees nothing but trouble ahead -- for both of them. It doesn’t take long for her prediction to come true. CAST: Herbie Boggs...........LARRY HAINES Dr. Bains.............Ian Martin Sadie Boggs...........Joan Shea WRITER: Ian Martin

Very predictable, but the acting, especially for the character of Sadie, is quite good. The character of Sadie is the gem of this one.

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