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CBSRMT Episode Information
Nefertiti (4 of 5) - The Head with One Eye
With a war hanging over their head, Akhenatan plays the pacifist even as he strengthens his city. When their daughter passes away while doing penance to the God of the Sun, a Nefertiti mad with rage and grief vows to avenge her child's death against her husband and his cruel god.
Air Dates:
First Run - January 11, 1979
Repeat - August 9, 1979
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3 Responses to Episode 0943

As Akhenaten becomes more engrossed in the construction of his new temple, and Nefertiti to the construction to the rest of the city, they lose touch with each other. Horemheb returns with news of impending attacks from the Hittites. By this time, Akhenaten and Nefertiti have had three children, the youngest is Tutankhamen. The oldest, while spending the day with her father was ordered to spend as long as it would take to learn the prayer to their chosen god. She spends the day in the hot temple on her knees in prayer until she collapses from exhaustion and eventually dies. The chasm between the two continues to widen. A sculpture spends time with Nefertiti on a new work. She demands that it reflect her true likeness and depart from the stylized works of the past.  

I see they've cleaned up this episode, WONDERFUL quality & an EXCELLENT episode in this series!

Wow great Quality!!! Love it!!

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