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High Caqueta
The mysterious disappearance of their only girl in a regular mountain climbing trip forces a couple to attempt a search and rescue mission in the Andes Mountains. But their guide seems to know a secret about the mountain he is not telling them know.
Air Dates:
First Run - September 13, 1978
Repeat - March 16, 1979
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RMT meets the "X-files"...weird disappearances and a government coverup. The wonderful John Beal and Marian Seldes play an erudite New England couple whose daughter has disappeared on a hiking trip in Ecuador. Feeling helpless and frustrated as they await a letter or any kind of contact from their daughter, they go to Washington to visit the state department. Beal is fascinated by the architecture of the building, Seldes is angry with what she feels is an unresponsive bureaucracy at State, uncaring about the fate of their daughter. Both are moved to go to Ecuador after they learn that other people have disappeared climbing up the mountain (Mt. Caqueta) that their daughter wrote in her last letters that she was going to ascend. The two go to Ecuador where they meet an ambassador (played by Earl Hammond) who himself seems to be hiding something. He remembers their daughter stopping by at his office for some sort of paperwork, accompanied by a very light skinned, Scandinavian-looking man. They say they want to climb Caqueta too...he warns them not to due to the fact there are menacing, hostile Indians nearby. Beal's character says he's read up on the same tribe and that they in fact are quite friendly. Hammond's character then says he'd like to join them on their trek to do some investigation of his own, and off they go...

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