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CBSRMT Episode Information
The Village of Fools
A delightful farce in which a man is sent on a task to find the hamlet of Helm. But on his arrival, he is given the duties of a magistrate and given the mission to save the moon. E.G. was delighted to present this comedy and the actors.
Air Dates:
First Run - July 13, 1978
Repeat - April 5, 1979
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2 Responses to Episode 0863

don't know how Sam Dann came up with this story, but this one seemed more offbeat than his regular stories. It was a nice touch with E.G. Marshall breaking the fourth wall in ACT-1 and ACT-2, but it would've great if he did it again in ACT-3 to say goodbye to the characters. There were 3 terrific actors in this: Fred Gwynne (as Mendele-Moishe), Bryna Raeburn (as Soureh-Rivkah) and Robert Dryden (as Baron Rothschild), but a story such as this wasn't right for them. There were hardly any sound effects, but the music of the harp at the 14-minute 27-second mark, the flute at the 16-minute mark, the enchanting music at the 31-minute 17-second mark, the dumbfounding tunes at the 34-minute 10 second mark, the mystifying sounds at the 37-minute and 45-second mark, and the fantasy melody at the 40-minute 30 second mark were all splendid. SPECIAL NOTE: If you read the synopsis of this story in the CBSRMT Episode Guide Book, they misspelled "Helm" with "Chellem".

Since the town's name is Yiddish there probably isn't a definitive English spelling. But it is usually spelled "Chelm".

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