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CBSRMT Episode Information
All Things Are Possible
('Leo Tolstoy story')
Set in the picturesque town of Toledo, Ohio, this is the story of a man struggling to keep his faith in jail after he is framed and punished for murdering a co-worker.
Air Dates:
First Run - March 20, 1978
Repeat - August 19, 1978
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5 Responses to Episode 0801

An innocent man is framed and convicted of murdering a colleague at a sales convention. His faith in God begins to waver as the years in prison take a toll on him. Takes place in beautiful Toledo, Ohio.

I like the episodes that have the old commercials left in. It really takes me back when I was listening to them as a teenager. Especially the car commercials etc

There's a lot to critique about this CBSRMT episode. FIRST: G. Frederick Lewis did a nice job on writing an adaptation of Leo Tolstoy's story called "God Sees The Truth, But Waits", however, both versions of their endings hardly had any resolutions. The climaxes were there, of course. SECOND: E.G. Marshall's performance as Host was phenomenal, especially at the end of ACT-1 where he mentions the Black Ace of Spades, which I'm guessing he was referring to Episode #0087-THE SUICIDE CLUB where if anyone received the Black Ace of Spades, will be murdered. THIRD: the cast was definitely superb. Paul Hecht as the blithe John Agar, Martha Greenhouse as Virginia Agar who was apprehensive just like Calpurnia (Julius Caesar's wife), Ian Martin as Detective Brennan, who played the role like he was Ralph Bell, and William Griffis as the extrovert Billy West. FOURTH: the music collection was terrific, but not enough sound effects. There were music themes that changed to nonchalant, to an eye-opener, to agony, to a nostalgic feel, to classic TWILIGHT ZONE tunes, to spirituality. The sound effects they used were only an alarm clock, patrons speaking at a bar, a grandfather clock, a prison gate sliding, and the springs of a prison mattress. The only sound effect that was interesting to hear was the impersonation of a throat slit at the 32-minute 37-second mark. FIFTH: the alternate title for this story should be called "Everything Happens For A Reason" because that's exactly what John Agar, the main character, was going through. Put yourself in this guy's shoes where you go from living a normal life, to a life sentence, to solitary confinement, to personal redemption, to spiritual deliverance. He never got to see his daughter, Sarah Agar, growing up. Not just that, but he founds out that his wife Virginia hooked up with Billy West a long time ago. How stirring would it be if this Drama-Mystery had a shocking twist if Billy West was the real father of Sarah Agar and not John? But anyway, if you like Leo Tolstoy's stories check this episode out. And check out the other Leo Tolstoy's stories from CBSRMT including #0905-HOW MUCH LAND DOES A MAN NEED? and #0644-MUCH TOO MUCH.

The classic storyline of the wrongly accused being imprisoned for something he did not do! It played well in this adaptation of the story! The acting was great! I like this episode very much!

Awesome episode!

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