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CBSRMT Episode Information
Cold Storage
A man finds out that his believed to be dead mother is still living and unleashes a Machiavellian plan to acquire her wealth and property - by shutting her away in the basement.
Air Dates:
First Run - January 13, 1974
Repeat - January 3, 1976
Repeat - December 9, 1978
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13 Responses to Episode 0008

Morbid, karmic episode. The anti-hero and victims are all unsympathetic. Good use of the medium of radio since the audience could hear the ending but still ended on a question mark because we couldn't see it. Possibly the karmic ending was used since most of the characters were unlikeable. A more logical ending would be to note that a widow is not entitled to a mother-in-law's property--just the late husband's--and the late husband had no property since he did not legally inherit. Roxie Roker is best known for portraying the character of Helen Willis on "The Jeffersons." Historical thriller, no supernatural elements.

Every character in this CBS-RMT offering was... well, not nice. It involved an arrogant, pompous guy in his late 30s, whose overbearing and abusive mother apparently passed away. She's declared dead in their home by a physician, but somehow (and this part puzzled me) she isn't taken to a mortuary, and instead is interred in their home. She turns out not really dead (but instead a victim of some kind of epilepsy or something) and before she's locked inside her coffin for good comes back to life. Sonny boy, enraged but armed with a death certificate, decides to lock her up on a private room forever and blackmails his servants into taking care of her needs (why he doesn't kill her and bury the body is strange). Then, free at last to chase the local ladies, HE gets tricked into marriage by a local tramp who says he made her with child. It isn't true, but he marries her before he finds out and amazingly is able to keep his hidden mother a secret from her. When he does find out, he has ANOTHER dilemma on his hands. What do with her? Oh, this one's a real hoot. Not my favorite so far, but it's up there...

One of my favorite programs which is interesting throughout. A young man thinks that he's free to live his life without his overbearing mother only to learn that he has to deal with her a bit longer. He then takes an equally difficult wife and attempts to use the same method to manage the problem.

Gothic horror, creepy lead and just desserts make this a winner.

When a man finds out his deceased mother is actually alive, he locks her in the basement so he may inherit her home and her wealth.

A henpecked son whose mother was pronounced dead only to revive from a seizure in the privacy of the house, decides to take advantage of the situation and locks her in the basement in order to secure for himself the estate, and some long-awaited independence. Later, he connects with a girl he dallied with on occasion and she tells him that she is pregnant with his child. After the initial shock, he agrees to marry her, but in time, she proves to be as domineering as his mother, and more devious than himself. He plans to put her in the basement with his mother when a sudden twist sees the roles reversed. Mother and daughter-in-law, it turns out, had plans of their own.

...but how cool was it to have RUBY DEE and ROXY ROKER (from "The Jeffersons") in this episode?

This one is a so--so episode. It starts out with an interesting premise, but just sort of meanders the rest of the way 'til it reaches a rather dull climax. Perhaps if they had a scene with Buford-- awakening in his grave-- that might have elevated the ending more (Something akin to the aforementioned ending of "The Dead House"). One distressing note, the only 2 really decent (and thus sympathetic) characters in the story-- Hannah and her son William-- are hopelessly trapped throughout the tale and end up having to play nursemaid to two completely spoiled and self-centered characters (The two Mrs. Montgomery's) who really did nothing (quite the opposite, actually) to deserve the rewards they received at the end.

I was thinking the same thing. I also enjoyed the Hi Brown spot where he asks for input about the show. Pretty cool and hadn't heard that before.

Although the ladies don't make out the best in the end, they do imply that the son may have had a worse ending (although that would be one of the most incompetent doctors in the world at that point).

Good surprise twist in the end.

Great acting! Horrible characters

My favorite episode of the cbsrmt! Love Roxie Roker and that Southern accent.

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