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CBSRMT Episode Information
The Talking Women
An unscrupulous man decides to see the error in his ways. He becomes attentive to his wife, stops cheating on her with his mistress and even stops billing his company for unnecessary visits. But is he too late? As his mistress winds up dead in New York, a blackmailer appears in the troubled scene.
Air Dates:
First Run - February 6, 1978
Repeat - July 2, 1978
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13 Responses to Episode 0777

This was a good episode, but there wasn't too much mystery about it. The guy didn't intend to kill the first girl, he did intend to kill the second, and he is caught. As a listener, there wasn't as much mystery as I like in my mysteries. I listened and was entertained, but I go for the creepier, supernatural RMT's myself. Nice story with a good moral though!

i have to agree with your comments on the show. it was a good listen and it got my attention, but i just never understand certain shows when, to me, there seems to be that easy way out, and the characters always choose the hardest way. it was a good show, but not a favorite by any means. I gave it a 3.9. as for your tastes, how's about pitching an upcoming show? i don't mind the Anniversary shows, but i prefer the hand-picked ones, myself! just send me a PM or an email if you're interested!

This was one I remember from childhood. It had strong dialogue between the two main characters, but some poorly written dialogue for Dryden's hippie character.

I think this one was Ed Ames' only appearance on the RMT, wasn't it? He seemed almost a bit ill at ease to me in character on this show...maybe he'd been away from radio too long while on the "Daniel Boone" show. When with his siblings as part of the Ames brothers he had to have seen his share of radio work. (Anyone remember, back in the latter years of the RMT, "The gong show movie", based on TV show producer cum CIA agent Chuck Barris' show of the same name? At one point Barris' character had a nervous breakdown while dancing with a mop to the tune of the Ames Brothers' "rag mop".)

I thought Ed Ames did seem kind of wooden, too, kind of like some of the performances on the Sears show. I only heard a few of those when they were on the air, but they really sounded like they were being read without much opportunity for rehearsal. All in all, this is not a bad episode, but not Sam Dann's best. Not many real twists, just kind of a straight line from beginning to end.

Not a good one. Ed Ames' acting was pretty bad. If nothing else its one of many reasons not to cheat. Some of the writing was a bit cheesy as well (e.g. "You don't know what people do with a revolver?"). The women in this episode (other than the photographer) seemed weak and wishy-washy. Ed Ames' character was bizarre - it seemed out of character for him to shoot the photographer so quickly and easily. In the end its not a very good episode (although a bad radio show is still light years ahead of most of the dreck on TV).

This one was pretty cut and dried. Not terrible but not great either. Ed Ames did seem rather wooden. I wasn't surprised by his character's actions, though. Bob displayed a coldness and calculation throughout the story. He cheated on his wife, apparently repeatedly (and implied that if she were less accomodating of his trips he wouldn't have strayed). He coldly dumped his mistress. He took advantage of his company. He did whatever it was convenient for him to do. I guess it wasn't enough to have just one needy woman in this story but three. All three were dependent on Bob in one way or another. His wife figured she was secure as long as she let him do whatever he wanted. His mistress wanted emotional support from him and to be taken care of for the rest of her life and was willing to kill herself over him. The bar girl picture-taker wanted his financial support. All four characters were rather pathetic, really. Oh, and can I just add...I really hate those little-girl voices the actresses sometimes have to affect.

Gotta agree with the other comments on this one. Sam Dann seemed to be just delivering a script this time,though he did produce a great deal.This one feels generic. Ed Ames,despite his deep,sonorous voice,basically slept through the episode. But even lesser RMT is better than no RMT! As for the "little Girl" voices sometimes affected by the actors,I suppose that's how they felt the younger characters should be contrasted with the older. And I admit here for the first time that I find Evie Juster's voice captivating however it comes. And going back to her golden age work,her "younger" voice may have been closer to her real one.

Nicely done episode with an ending that is left to the listeners' imagination. Not common to Mystery Theater, but a nice touch to this episode. 4 stars. As for the youthful voices--Evie Juster usually acts the parts for young girls. And her voice is usually abysmal as a young girl. I actually thought that she sounded great in this episode. Go figure.

I've loved Ed Ames's voice since I was a kid, and am more than a bit biased in his favor, but I must say his so-called "woodenness" is entirely in keeping with the character, and besides, anyone would seem wooden or ill at ease standing with such hysterical women. His sub-text is clear enough, and done well, given this unfortunate stinker of a script.

I disagree with aforementioned comments, all of them! Ed Ames performance, the script, neighboring voice over performers were A #1. Music to highlight the theatrical dialogue is exuberatingly suspenseful in this cbs episode. Guess one has to appreciate Ames' singing in order to appreciate this radio drama ;) eat your hearts out aforementioned commentators :).

Liked the story, but how did the photographer lady find out the guy's name and telephone number ?

Ed's character was wooden but his acting wasn't. Bobbie was a self centred pig incapable of emotion beyond his own self interest. Shallow ditzy characters all played well.

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