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CBSRMT Episode Information
The Teddy Bear
A classic cold war phobia narrative about a reporter investigating the discovery of a weapon by the Russians that can read and control every mind.
Air Dates:
First Run - November 30, 1977
Repeat - May 3, 1978
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3 Responses to Episode 0748

At the time, "The Teddy Bear" scared the stuffing out of me because it (according to E.G. M.) was based on reality, upon psychic experiments the Soviets were doing.

(Warning: this episode is a bit bothersome due to recent events of the year. It also scared the heck out of me when I first heard it, because unlike others this one was quite based in reality at the time (1979) A newspaper reporter and his editor are very shaken when news arrives that an American space capsule in orbit has burned up upon re-entry to the earth's atmosphere. The capsule had previously had a rendezvous with a Russian counterpart. The newspapermen are suspicious not only because of that but also because of news reports of a Soviet icebreaker heading up towards the arctic, apparently transmitting some sort of high frequency radio signal. Later a military contact of the reporter's says only one object was recovered floating in the ocean from the crash - a teddy bear. The reporter heads to the Soviet embassy and gets the predictable treatment. He then makes the contact of a Soviet doctor and breaks and enters into her apartment. She catches him, and he learns that she's involved with some kind of Soviet brain institute (which according to E.G. actually existed) that specializes in trying to find ways to implement mind control via specialized transmitters, to suddenly make potential mass murderers go on killing sprees, to induce spontaneous brain hemorrhages and heart attacks...stuff Saddam would love to have. (In the meantime, the military confirm from one of the dead astronaut's wives that the teddy bear was indeed a gift from the Soviet cosmonauts.) He resists her attempts to read his mind and falls asleep. She lets him go...only he finds out his watch has mysteriously stopped.)

A Cold War story about a disastrous space mission which crashes into the Pacific upon re-entry. The only 'survivor' is a teddy bear, a gift to one of the astronauts from a Russian counterpart. Are those sneaky Soviets up to something?

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