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The Haunted Mill
A young voyager takes up a long journey lasting three years. His sweetheart back home falls for another man in his absence. But his subsequent return strokes her old passions much to the chagrin of her present beau who swears revenge. The traveller meanwhile is completely preoccupied with a decrepit, haunted mill.
Air Dates:
First Run - November 8, 1977
Repeat - April 8, 1978
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12 Responses to Episode 0737

Very Very good show!!! Ralph Bell is excellant.

A small New England seaside town, a love triangle, murder, and an old abandoned mill which harbors dark secrets, darker spirits, and a plea from beyond the grave.

This adaptation remarkably improves upon Richard Donovan's original tale, "The Corpse Light", but fails to breathe life into the old ghost story. The original is told in slam-bang fashion with little suspense, no character development, and no emotional involvement. This version remedies that, somewhat, with good pacing and solid acting, but the basic plot is still uninspired. Not a waste of time, but not a story you'll want to listen to multiple times, either.

loved this show when I was in high school... guess what *I* was listening to from 9:07 on!

Maybe I shoulda traded places with Paul. I was in grade school, and it started at 11:07pm for us. (I had to be in bed, but they couldn't MAKE me go to sleep.) In the winter, I'd be curled up in bed with my electric blanket (no longer recommended), listening on my little GE clock radio (still have one of its descendants on my nightstand). When school was out, I'd be in the living room listening on the family stereo. Good times. How wonderful those electric blankets were on freezing cold winter nights!

In grade school in came on at 10:07 by me. Best summer memories of sleeping out on the screened in porch, eating somemore's & listening to MT with the crickets chirping in the background. Ahhh, the good old days!

I loved this show

This is one of my favorites!!

Love that story!

That sounds cozy William Vose! How wonderful those electric blankets were on freezing cold winter nights!

One of my favorite episodes is The Haunted Mill.

The Haunted Mill is my favorite.

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