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CBSRMT Episode Information
A young witch tries to enlist the aid of Satan in order to deploy spells against the man who continues to spurn her. But they always backfire and end up hurting her.
Air Dates:
First Run - July 4, 1977
Repeat - November 22, 1977
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3 Responses to Episode 0676

Wonderful, quirky episode about a lovesick girl who develops a crush on an older man who happens to be an author. She tries witchcraft in order to gain his love; but, the results are ALWAYS disastrous and she usually ends up sick or hurt. For some reason this episode reminds me of being home sick from school. Probably because of the scene where she is recovering from pneumonia and goes downstairs because she is tired of being in bed. No comment on whether I ever tried to put spells on anybody!!! 5 Stars.

Boomerang Originally aired on July 4, 1977. This American playlet is the only one in the series that I've heard which actually approaches witchcraft and Satanism with intelligence rather than resorting to anything blatantly supernatural. 16 year-old Carol (played by Anne Shepard) has a common cold. She also has what seems to be a hidden agenda. An English gentleman friend of hers in his 30s named Robin is briefly in two scenes...but only the first one with Carol, in which we learn that he may be a mentor to her. At first from their phone conversation I thought that maybe they were lovers, but the story doesn't go that route at all. Carol tends to spend her time chanting prayers akin to black magic. On a few occasions it seems that she's trying to kill herself (including a car accident), yet she not only fails each time but because of her youth, the girl heals rather quickly. Norman Rose (who plays her doctor) offers the twist at the end of the story, which completely legitimizes the going-ons throughout. For once....something of a rational explanation! There doesn't seem to be any actual magic in this story. Of course that is open to interpretation. For example, early on when Carol speaks one incantation, the thunderstorm taking place may have been a total coincidence. In any other story I'd come to the conclusion that the spell caused the storm, but in the full context of this episode it doesn't seem that way. I won't give away the ending, except that the doc comments that his patient is a terrible witch -- which at least explains why none of her attempts at spell casting work. This is probably the first episode written by Elspeth Eric that I actually liked, and the payoff makes it worthwhile.

Corinne Orr played Carol and Ann Shepard played Carol's mother.

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