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CBSRMT Episode Information
The Gift of Doom
A snowbound prospector is saved by an Eskimo witch from a fatal accident. He soon learns of her powerful skill with healing magic and decides to marry her. Her talents soon help further his political ambitions. However, bloated with his own self-importance he decides that he no longer needs the savage that is his wife and schemes to get rid of her.

Air Dates:
First Run - March 24, 1977
Repeat - July 31, 1977
Repeat - December 15, 1979
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5 Responses to Episode 0622

A snowbound prospector is saved by a Eskimo witch. He takes her as his wife and brings her back to the states. When his political importance grows, he decides he needs to be rid of the "savage".

A rather dark ending on this one. Mason Adams gives a more emotional performance than usual, though Kim Hunter is a bit miscast. If you've ever thought about leaving your Alaskan witch-wife for a polished and presentable woman, this will story may make you reconsider.

Its great to relive my childhood. I listened from 5th grade "1975" to Senior year in "1980". It was exhilarating to lose myself in these stories when falling asleep at night. Listened on WBBM 780am in Chicago. Station still on the air. Love the commercials too.

i cant pick up the show on my radio but i am a fan of the series

That is a great one

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