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CBSRMT Episode Information
The Queen of Cats
Cats are used by an evil witch to stalk children in a small village.  A lawyer and a local sheriff try are the childrens' only hope...
Air Dates:
First Run - October 31, 1976
Repeat - February 13, 1977
Repeat - October 31, 1978
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3 Responses to Episode 0545

Queen of Cats didn't have fake cat noises in it and it was a bit better than most of the cat episodes. The Resident was one of the worst episodes ever in my opinion. There was one about a man's wife who turned into a cat. What was it called? That is another one of my most UN-favorite episodes. Someone mentioned not liking actors mimicking cats. I was thinking about it, and there are multiple stories with a cat or cats within the storyline. Some are fairly similar. Some I can recall are: The Velvet Claws The Black Cat Kitty Queen of Cats The Resident Triptych for a Witch The Therapeutic Cat The Child's Cat Paw The Tenth Life Have I left out any episodes? Several of these have cats killing people, and some have them as "familiars" to a witch.

See "Willard" only with cats. An evil witch uses cats to prey on children in a small town. A lawyer and a local sheriff try to corner her.

If this episode had better SOUND quality, it might have landed on the best of the dark Macabre Mysyery Theater episodes, like Star Sapphire. Also I must comment on how many episodes have elements that seem to have been POACHED BY STEPHEN KING seemingly, or may have inspired him perhaps, shall we say. The scene in this episode act 3 of seduction is awfully similar to the scene in The Shining, where a young beauty is suddenly seen as old and rotting. Search Stephen King on this site and you will see how often people say his stories have familiar Mystery Theater elements. I guess he listened carefully to Mystery Theater as a kid and was greatly inspired.

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