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CBSRMT Episode Information
The Creature from the Swamp
A man lets himself into more trouble than bargained for when he rescues a woman from a swamp and she is apparently pursued by a swamp creature.
Air Dates:
First Run - March 7, 1974
Repeat - June 1, 1974
Repeat - October 28, 1978
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15 Responses to Episode 0053

This episode certainly predates "Splash" (Tom Hanks, Darryl Hannah) with a similar plot. Nice moment when he shoots what he believes to be the swamp monster. Fantasy, non-human intelligent beings.

I like the doubt presented by the men at the end. Was there really a swamp monster or was it a ploy by the girl to bet the boy?

This was the one that scared me The most as a child. I had taped it and listened again and again.

This was the one that scared me The most as a child. I had taped it and listened again and again.

I remember listening to these shows in my early 20's; especially on long nights crossing from coast to coast on road trips. I am glad that they are so easily listened to now in the age of the internet.

An ecologist whose work takes him into a swamp happens upon a woman who claims to have been a captive of a swamp creature.

Kinda slow, kinda predictable. The attempt is in the psychology.

Chosen for the title... I like swamps, I like creatures and I particularly like swamp creatures... This one is not bad. There are lots of neat elements. A nicely described "swamp man" of legend. A woman who might be either imaginary, supernatural but in danger or supernatural and dangerous. The strange woman in the show is Oo-dee-nay... which could be a variant of undine. It never seemed scary but at least was interesting.

A man rescues a woman from quicksand and is later stalked by a creature that inhabits the swamp.

A woman is rescued by a recluse who lives in a swamp. He has chosen a solitary existence because of facial disfigurement he suffered after a tragic accident in which he lost his fiancé. This new woman proves seems to care deeply for her rescuer and shares a salve she claims will cure his disfigurement. Upon doing so, she very quickly falls ill.

4 stars... Other than the description of the swamp man it was a really good listen. Has commercials.

Janney is superb in this role-one of the absolute best in the long esteemed history of CBS RMN.

Good episode that was a little obvious as to the conclusion, but still an enjoyable listen.

The ones that I enjoy hearing over and over again. love it

THE CREATURE FROM THE SWAMP. I consider it as a Horror-Romance Mystery

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