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CBSRMT Episode Information
Journey to Jerusalem
A man longs to be young again so he can live his life differently. A strange woman says she can make it happen.
Air Dates:
First Run - September 14, 1976
Repeat - December 8, 1976
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6 Responses to Episode 0518

A man longs to be young again so he can live his life differently. A strange woman says she can make it happen.

A man has overcome great odds to become very wealthy. Having been abandoned as an infant and raised in orphanages, he works night and day to ensure he will never be cold or go hungry again. Now, as an older man, he finds that his success has left him little time to form meaningful relationships and he feels very much alone. A strange woman arrives at his office and wants to meet with him. Reluctantly he agrees and she has a strange proposition for him.

"Moonstruck" Oscar nominee Vincent Gardenia's only CBSRMT appearance, as 57-year-old orphan-made-good Elwood Jouris (sp?). In his opening remarks, E. G. Marshall reminds us the grass only *seems* greener.

I've sometimes thought if I could go back in time or at least be young again if I'd do things differently (youth being wasted on the young and all). Most likely I'd screw the same things up and do well on the same things I had done well before. I guess the experience would perhaps temper things a bit, but I'm not sure how much.

I confess I don't get the whole "Go to Jerusalem" thing. What's the symbolism here?

My feelings are the same as Pamela's. I've been trying to find the reference to Jerusalem, and I am at a complete loss. If anybody has an explanation, please share it.

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