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Lovers and Killers
A young lothario is on trial for killing a woman's husband when he catches them together after an evening at a singles bar. A reluctant juror must make up his mind about the suspect's guilt based on a number of criterea.
Air Dates:
First Run - August 5, 1976
Repeat - October 26, 1976
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4 Responses to Episode 0504

A film and star promoter is on the verge of his media breakthrough when he is called for jury duty. He wants to get out of it, but his significant other, and all those around him, encourage him to perform his duty as a citizen. He reluctantly agrees and finds himself the deciding vote in a strange murder trial. The victim's wife says their house was invaded, he tried to rape her, and when her husband came home, he murdered him and ran. The defendant claims that he was invited by the wife to her house and propositioned. When the husband came home he was furious and the shooting was an accident during the struggle for the gun. Can the juror tell the actor from the truth-teller?

Since this is a "whodunnit" without an official solution, I'll venture a guess. SPOILERS: didn't do it, he was, indeed, framed. Murder was out of character, stalking someone to rape them was out of character, carrying a gun was out of character. He had plenty of luck picking up women in bars, why break into someone's house and assault them? Why in the world would he need to carry a gun? By everyone's admission, he was a big, strong guy (could "break someone in half like a twig"), so it's not too believable that he needed a gun to get his way.

A fairly good story about jury duty. Having been on it myself once the premise is plausible (even if I wasn't on a murder trial). Listening to this story I don't really have a good clue as to the guilt of one over the other, probably ending in a hung jury is my guess. I do admit that the man's story sounded slightly more plausible than hers, but mainly because he didn't seem to have a record of breaking into houses. I did find that listening to the thoughts of the other jurors when I was on a jury helped clarify some issues that I had and helped clarify my thoughts - it all depends on the evidence, then the testimony (and who you believe).

You'll either find this fascinating or frustrating depending on how you feel about open ended endings. It reminded me of those "club room" stories like "One Hundred in the Dark" or some of those slightly sinister Somerset Maugham stories. I found it well acted, realistic and suspenseful. But be prepared to do some thinking during and after.

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