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CBSRMT Episode Information
The Love Song of Death
Love and hate are two sides of the same coin. In this tale of bigotry and hatred, two young lovers are sacrificed to end a blood feud between two noble houses.
Air Dates:
First Run - April 21, 1976
Repeat - May 11, 1977
Repeat - September 30, 1979
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3 Responses to Episode 0472

This is the Mystery Theater's adaptation of the Shakespeare classic "Romeo & Juliet." Everyone has heard of Shakespeare and the average person would say "Romeo & Juliet" if you asked them to name one of Shakespeare's works. I don't think they teach this stuff in 99% of schools these days so you would be hard pressed to get someone to explain any of these stories to you as most people don't know what they are about. Of course, Mystery Theater listeners, being of the more discerning variety when it comes to entertainment, are familiar with this story. But, in case someone is reading who has arrived here for enlightenment, the gist of the story is this: Juliet Capulet and Romeo Montague are two teenagers who belong to feuding families of the Hatfield and McCoy variety. Even their families' servants brawl when they encounter one another. These two fall in love and this, as you can imagine, creates problems for everyone involved. If they had cast this on "Dallas" then people might better know the story. Evaluating the way CBSRMT handles this production; I say "great!" Condensing this epic tale into a 45 minute program would be no easy task - nor would it be with any of these works. But, as one would expect, a great job in doing it was accomplished. Give a listen to this one - which includes Morgan Fairchild as Juliet.

I am listening to this during an online course on Shakespeare's plays. I am including the broadcast in my writing for the class and its assignment.

Another good adaptation of Shakespeare. It's been a while since I've read or seen this one, but it's all as I remember and covers all the main points.

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