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CBSRMT Episode Information
The Blue Roan Stallion
A proud "half-breed", Dan Bowles unwittingly saves the life of ranch owner Hale Chalmer. In gratitude, he is hired as a ranch hand and life becomes complicated when he falls in love with the boss's daughter. Despite their differences, the lovers make plans to get married but things come to a head when the foreman challenges the cowboy to a gun-fight because of his mixed heritage. Chalmers saves Dan's life only to throw him a gun when he learns that the man he has just saved is a half-breed.
Air Dates:
First Run - February 13, 1976
Repeat - June 30, 1976
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5 Responses to Episode 0431

Great episode. Really underscores how whites felt about Indians in the 19th century. The end will surprise you.

Yes, great episode. Great love not wasted.

A man with an Aboriginal mother and a white father appears more white than anything and, when his mother passes away, he sets out to continue his life. Happening upon a man injured in the desert, he helps mend the man's injuries and takes him home to his ranch. He turns out to be a rather wealthy rancher who takes the man on to work. He also seems to have aspirations for the young man in terms of his daughter and the future of his holdings. The current ranch boss is less than enthusiastic having thought the ranch and the girl's hand would be his own.

Always listen at night and sometimes during the day as I drive around and do my job as a food service sales rep. It takes away the crazyness of talking with chefs all day :) Fantastic site.

A pretty good story about hatred and where it can lead. Interestingly enough my best friend is Native American and he's married to a redheaded woman of Ukranian descent. Their first son is a redhead and you wouldn't think he's Native, but their second son has black hair and it's definitely noticeable (although not overtly, but then again neither is my friend). I'm not sure if he'd like this story or not, but perhaps I'll forward it to him.

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