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Promise to Kill
After learning that the killer's sentence was reduced to life imprisonment instead of the death penalty, a man plans to mete out his own brand of justice against the deviant that brutally raped and murdered his wife and daughter.
Air Dates:
First Run - December 3, 1975
Repeat - May 12, 1976
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5 Responses to Episode 0389

This is a dark tale of a man's lust for revenge against the man who raped and murdered his wife and daughter. When the defendent's appeal is accepted and his sentence commuted to life, our hero searches for his own version of the death penalty.

I'll always try to not to give away the ending of a program. I also will probably never say "I wouldn't recommend this program". However, there's one situation in the RMT that always shakes me (and probably others) up...when families are broken or destroyed. I said as much in reviewing "Out of focus" previously, the episode where some advertising guy fell in love with a succubus and totally screwed up his own life. I've heard another program that's somewhat similar which I'll review in the future. However, this one's probably the most disturbing of the three. I don't even have to give you the ending...E.G. gives us a very serious warning on this at his intro monologue. A young professional living a seemingly wonderful life in a planned community is carpooling to the big city (NYC, I think) with his best friend, an attorney, who as a bachelor also seems to almost be envious of the life his friend leads. The professional has just said goodbye to his loving wife and 5-year-old daughter. He'd just brought a "Winnie the pooh" bear home for his daughter and she's overjoyed with it. While he's on his way to work the wife calls up her good friend and is talking on the telephone when the groceries are delivered by the young, strong, handsome and apparently mentally challenged delivery man. The daughter is upstairs playing. While the lady's trying to sign the bill for the groceries the delivery man starts trying to embrace her, seemingly believing she is attracted to him. When the wife resists (her friend's on the phone the entire time) he becomes upset and kills her, right in front of her screaming daughter who just came down the stairs after hearing the fatal commotion. We later learn the little girl is also killed by the delivery man. The professional calls home and finds a detective there who tells him the awful truth. Naturally, with a telephone witness the delivery man is ID'd, charged with murder and convicted...to life in prison. The widower doesn't think that's good enough, and wants to see the convicted murderer die. He then attempts to make arrangements for the convict to be killed in prison (I remember a similar arrangement in the movie "To live and die in L.A."). Unfortunately, while doing so he learns there is more to what happened on that worst day of his life. It's a powerful morality tale worthy of what we've come to expect from the RMT, but I honestly can't say I'd want to hear it again.

Didn't figure it out till the end good story.

This is the darkest tale of all Mystery Theater, in my opinion, because of the victims and family, and because it is played straight up. Of course, Horror Story may be darker but it's not played straight, there is a macabre comedic fantasy note to it. On second thought, The Deadly Hour, the White Wolf, may be equally dark, and to somewhat lesser degree, The Fall of Gentryville and Speak of the Devil. These are dark because true evil befalls characters we care about. When we are detached from the evil a bit, it isn't as dark. I find that Mystery Theater did not have very many episodes where terrible things happen to a nice character, but there are a quite a few.

Definitely a good story with interesting characters in it. I agree that we should leave the law in the hands of judges (Good Old Matthew 7:1 - Do not judge, or you too will be judged). I admit that it is difficult to not judge people.

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