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CBSRMT Episode Information
Million Dollar Murder
A struggling businessman discovers his true nature and that of the people close to him when a rich woman asks him to dispose of someone for the sum of one million dollars.
Air Dates:
First Run - October 21, 1975
Repeat - March 17, 1976
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9 Responses to Episode 0365

A rich widow inserts herself into the lives of people that wronged her as a teenager. Her intent is to watch them destroy each other. The offer of a million dollars to one man to kill another sets events in motion.

A wealthy woman offers a struggling businessman $1 million to murder someone. The man learns something about his own character and that of the people around him.

A successful and highly ethical businessman is the sole heir of his father’s estate and has been left in trust to a judge who was a family friend. When a streak of extraordinary bad luck leads him to the brink of ruin, a woman appears offering him a million dollars, with some strings...

I thought this was one of the better episodes with a great summation. I'm a big fan but look for the best among the episodes and this one would be in my top 20. Thank you to all who write responses to let us know if the episode is a quality one or not. However, some who write responses about these episodes write about what the story is about (that is already covered on the website) or even worse, what happens entirely. We are looking for whether the episode is worthy of a hearing, not to be told what happens. That's called a "spoiler."

This is really trivial but the first dialogue in Act 2 is "come in, ahh welcome". Not by EG Marshall but by one of the actors. I'll bet it was intentional.

Thumbs up one of the best. How far can you push a man before he compromises

I agree with Joseph Nicolisi---this is one of the best I have listened to so far, also. Althea is one cold-blooded and shrewd woman. Whichever woman voiced her did a masterful job. Breezily vicious person. Well-drawn characters. All in all, a terrific episode.

This clearly is one of my favorites. I did not expect the ending.

This was a good listen and a good question on morality. I do believe that people can change over time even if slowly. However, there are certain things that are difficult or impossible to change. Makes one wonder what you would do in a similar situation.

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