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CBSRMT Episode Information
Never in This World
After passing through a run-down cemetery, a man becomes possessed by the evil ghost haunting the graveyard.
Air Dates:
First Run - October 20, 1975
Repeat - March 14, 1976
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8 Responses to Episode 0364

A classic-type ghost story.Listen to it in the dark!

This is an interesting program. Set in the early 1900's, a Bostonian and his wife visit a country cottage in New Hampshire some months after he experienced a bout of influenza that nearly killed him. It is intended as a rest period for him, but while there, he begins hiking treks around the local countryside. On one of these hikes, he finds the ruins of an old church and for some reason circles it twice - counter-clockwise. Apparently, this uncorks a disastrous series of events.

Through a nifty bit of folklore a man finds himself changed physically by spirit possesion. The story doesn't have any simple resolution and it's very interesting right through to the ending...

A man recovering from a severe illness seeks the benefits of rural life and while hiking in the forest, he stumbles upon the remains of an old church and grave-yard. There he encounters a ghostly image after which his appearance changes. Who has he become?

Worth a listen just for the following: "David...where have you been?" "To the edge of beyond" "What does that mean?" "It doesn't matter"

Fifty-something David Campbell (Alex Scourby) is convalescing in Hanover, New Hampshire from a nervous breakdown—having already recovered physically from influenza. (Perhaps the 1918 flu pandemic, aka the Spanish flu?) So any "supernatural" elements may simply be his mental ilness.

A good story to listen to. I like Karen's possible explanation above. However, it wouldn't explain how he knew about the cemetery nor the names. I do like the her alternative though.

Although it's not credited, the source for this story is Walter de la Mare's 1910 novel 'The Return.'

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