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CBSRMT Episode Information
The Other Life
A neglected housewife finds herself deep in debt when she turns to racehorse gambling to stave off her loneliness. At the same time, her husband manages to further his political career at the expense of his wife's happiness.
Air Dates:
First Run - September 8, 1975
Repeat - February 4, 1976
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7 Responses to Episode 0340

Very entertaining episode; Ralph Bell is always one of my favorites. Well told tale of the perils of gambling addiction. It works out in the end, with a believable and uplifting finish.

I enjoyed this episode. I also enjoyed the old commercials with the prices at the grocery store and the Squibb commercial at the beginning.

A woman's husband has political ambitions and ceases to pay attention to her. She tries to spark some romance between them but nothing happens and he focuses on his work. One day her next-door-neighbor comes over to make a phone call. The call she makes is to a bookie to place a small bet on a horse race. She suggests that perhaps her friend should also make a bet - something that she has never done. This opens the door into a world of misery for everyone involved.

A neglected housewife finds refuge in betting on horses. As her debt mounts, her life spirals out of control. Meanwhile, her husband's political aspirations grow.

A woman tries desperately to rekindle the romance in her marriage but her husband is too wrapped up in his work and coming political career to bother. Visiting with a friend, she is introduced to horse racing and with her first $5 wager she wins a respectable sum. Finding this new hobby, she reads more, gambles more, and wins more… but luck can only last so long. Her bookie’s interest in her account goes beyond her pocket book and he seeks closer and more intimate contact with her. A slippery slope.

What did the loud scream mean at the very end---after the closing credits? Was it Mike? Eerie!

A fairly good story about gambling addiction. My mother had it to a certain extent, but not as bad as the main character in this story. I've tried it once or twice at a nearby casino but I'm not attracted by it. I have known people with addiction issues and it's never easy for them to deal with, no matter what happens to them or others. I think the main character might have learned her lesson by the end of the story with help from someone in her life.

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