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CBSRMT Episode Information
The Eavesdropper
A renowned scientist spends time with his wife in their estate in the Poconos of Pennsylvania. Unknown to them, they are watched by hired spies.
Air Dates:
First Run - August 27, 1975
Repeat - January 22, 1976
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9 Responses to Episode 0333

Wow. Lots of good plot twists in this one. It was like a big chess game. You didn't know who was in charge until it was over. A very satisfying ending too!

Episode 0333 and 0833 are both titled "The Eavesdropper", however they are uniquely different stories, not duplicates.

Episode 0333 and 0883 are both titled "The Eavesdropper", however they are uniquely different stories, not duplicates. I incorrectly wrote 0833 before and noticed the error--i meant to type 0883.

A professor and his wife are looking for a summer home. Unbeknown to almost anyone else, he is working on a time-travel machine. It seems that space aliens are aware of his work and they hire humans to provide the perfect summer home for the man and his wife, and to prevent him from succeeding.

A couple is hired to spy on a scientist and his wife vacationing in a manor house in the Pennsylvania Poconos.

A couple is approached by a mysterious man who offers them a huge sum of money to spy on a brilliant scientist who is believed to be developing the math to enable interstellar travel. The man’s ‘clients’, he claims, are not of this world and have a vested interest in suppressing this research. Arranging for the scientist to live in a bugged house at which the couple will play housekeeper and chauffer, they try to outsmart the most brilliant scientist in the world.

Physicist Dwight Addison is on the cusp of solving Einstein's restriction on traveling faster than light, and only needs a quiet retreat to complete his work. Unbeknownst to him, however, there are forces in the universe that do now want Man intruding, and Addison's housekeepers are working on their behalf.

Fun episode, great payoff at the end.

When I read the synopsis of this CBSRMT episode, I felt like it was going to be a Drama-Mystery and a little bit of Fantasy-Mystery into it. After listening to this tale, it felt like a To-Be-Continued-Mystery, like there was more to this story written by Fielden Farrington. What I liked about E.G. Marshall's contribution as the Host, was his talk on the "Desire for Privacy" at the 14-minute mark. After that, he narrated the story smoothly. The music in all 3 Acts had mystifying tunes. And the sound effects of the rotary phone, the door opening & closing, the background music in the bar, the breakfast plates & cups clinking, the birds tweeting, the engine running, and the wind howling in the woods were splendid. However, in ACT-1, there was some background noise of a radio or a record player. Wonder if anyone noticed that. The cast is great, but the characters they played needed more characterization. You have the scientist Dwight Addison (played by Arnold Moss), the plain wife Jane Addison (played by Patricia Wheel), the Electronics Engineer/Spy (played by William Redfield), the House Maid/Spy (played by Joan Arless), and the Main Spy Mr. Smith (played by Ralph Bell). The best line Ralph Bell said was, "I don't make friends. I buy accomplices." Right then & there, is a mystery as to who or what this villain really is. The idea behind the story I truly enjoyed. to do the double cross on the eavesdroppers! Entertaining and amusing! A very smart man. Savvy and intelligent!

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