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CBSRMT Episode Information
Dead Ringer
A woman accidentally comes across a dead ringer for her husband. She decides to enlist his cooperation to help dispose of her husband
Air Dates:
First Run - February 1, 1974
Repeat - April 6, 1974
Repeat - January 13, 1979
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8 Responses to Episode 0027

Saw the double cross coming. An episode where no one is to be trusted. Crime drama; no supernatural elements.

Another romp involving not-very-nice characters in which a woman hits a guy in the middle of the street late at night, takes him home to her husband, and keeps him there to heal up his wounds. Thing is, the guy she hit is an exact twin to her husband. This gives them an idea to accidentally fatally poison the stranger, collect on her husband's million-dollar life insurance policy, and flee the country. What they didn't count on was the guy's baggage, which turns out much greater than they ever imagined. Liked it. Can't wait, though, until reruns start popping up in about a week. Maybe I'll catch up and have time to listen to other stuff again...

This program is a very good play centered on a woman, her husband, and a gentleman she meets that looks virtually identical to her husband. Prepare yourself for some interesting listening.

Gloria Winters is driving down a road on a rainy night when she spots a man who has been the victim of a hit-and-run. She stops to help him and is amazed to discover that this man, named Leo, is a dead ringer for her husband. The two plot to murder her husband and have Leo take his place. This story is full of plot twists and double crosses that will keep you guessing. Genre: Suspense

A man in a car accident is picked up by a woman who claims that he and her husband are 'dead ringers' for each other. They plot to murder the husband, claim the insurance, and live life together. This story has more twists and turns than, well... a really twisty and turn-ey road Another one of those episodes that will benefit from a second listen.

I'll admit I didn't see where this story was going most of the time. What I thought was going to be a straight forward plot had a few twists that I didn't see coming, especially the last one. A good story!

What a great Twist! I truly didn't predict that one...

I love cbs mystery theatre!

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