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CBSRMT Episode Information
The Deadly Double
An evil twin escapes from mental asylum to hijack her sane sister's life and switch places with her. But can she carry out her role even with her sister's boyfriend as her sister tries to claw her way out of the asylum?
Air Dates:
First Run - March 24, 1975
Repeat - June 21, 1975
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8 Responses to Episode 0244

A woman is tricked by her psychotic twin sister and ends up in an asylum while her sister takes over her identity out in the "real" world. Will she be able to convince anyone of who she really is? An interesting story that moves along nicely (and particularly was relevant for me as I have an identical twin brother!). Genre: Suspense

One of the better episodes - well paced and quite scary at the finale. There's also some subtle humor in some of Max's quips. Clever "Sherlock" like clue picked up by the sheriff. And terrific acting by Marian Seldes playing both sisters, inhabiting both personalities.

Wow, I agree with Mike. Marian Seldes did a brilliant job as Susan and Anita. Suspenseful episode. For awhile there, I thought Anita was going around the bend.

This is the role Marian Seldes was born to play. Campy, vampy, and crazy!

Marian Seldes was made to play crazy!!!

I agree that it was a great episode and that Marian Seldes did a great job in the two roles. I did find it interesting to write that a doctor would never meet (or ask to meet) a patient's twin sister who the patient was trying to kill.

Okay who would actually go meet their deranged sister who escaped from a mental hospital?

Am I the only one who felt like Anita was just as nasty as her sister in her own way? (I hope I have their names right. I think Anita is the "sane" sister and Susan is the "insane" one.) In fact, Anita is even worse because she (supposedly) isn't insane. However, I think she does act like she is about ready to go mad at the drop of a hat and she seems really unstable and very self centered, only thinking about herself and not caring much about her sister. She sticks her sister in an asylum, (and I am not saying her sister didn't need professional treatment), but Anita hates the place so much that she herself feels like she is about to go insane just being there. But it never occurs to her that her poor sister is also miserable there and maybe she would be better off somewhere else. Also, as mentioned above, why was she so stupid to go meet her insane sister in a deserted place? Um...that really was dumb, lol! In any case, I find myself feeling sorry for Susan, who just wanted to be loved and to be as good as her sister. She feels inferior to her sister, partly because of the way she's treated by the world in general. I don't think Susan's sister was very nice to her either. Marian Seldes did a great job playing the roles, especially the insane one. One of her better performances.

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