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CBSRMT Episode Information
It's Murder, Mr. Lincoln
A tale set in Abraham Lincoln's early years getting a case where the man is charged of murder and no one else dares to defend him. Lincoln is advised to move slowly, but he charges head on.
Air Dates:
First Run - March 18, 1975
Repeat - June 14, 1975
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6 Responses to Episode 0241

Great to be able to hear these shows again. Haven't heard since I was a teenager on my transistor radio.

A young Abe Lincoln is called to defend a passionate man who arrived in town proclaiming to the bartender and banker (who are also the judge and sheriff) that he is owed a debt by a local businessman and he intends to claim what is his by any means. He retires to his hotel room and awakes to find the businessman has been murdered. He is taken into custody proclaiming his innocence, but in the face of such strong words to the sheriff and judge, it seems his fate is all but certain.

A very well-written episode. I love the early story of Abe Lincoln. The actors were wonderful. It reminded me of a Columbo episode.

Folksy and idealistic young attorney finds himself morally obliged to take an unwinnable case, only to learn that a bit of amateur sleuthing might save the day. The central mystery isn't going to dazzle anyone, and its depiction of Lincoln as the best parts of Cicero, Sherlock Holmes, and MLK was a bit much, especially in a story that does such a good job of showing how morally compromised everyone around him is. But it's all in good fun, eager to please, and bolstered by some excellent supporting performances, so it's tough to be too hard on what amounts to a pretty entertaining episode with an admittedly clever premise. Think of it as a chapter of 'The Young Atticus Finch Chronicles.'

I do like this story and someday when I listen to it again (or think about it) I will look up and see if this really did happen (perhaps not in the way depicted in this show). I like Skytwo's comment about Atticus Finch as well (from one of my favorite books).

if's it's really, really good, it still sounds great even (especially) on a transistor radio. old radio waves rule. thanks K. Miller.

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