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CBSRMT Episode Information
Death in the Stars
A newspaper editor is maddened when the paper's horoscope informs her that she is going to die that very day!
Air Dates:
First Run - February 4, 1975
Repeat - April 20, 1975
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5 Responses to Episode 0218

Very interesting story with excellent voice actors. Another CBSMT winner!

A very interesting episode withsupernatural elements. The ending was a bit obvious if you are familiar with Virginia's towns but the other car involved was a surprise. Good show.

An interesting episode with a smidgen of supernatural elements (or perhaps just psychological?). I kind of guessed the name of the town even though I'm not familiar with Virginia towns (as Nicole suggested). There is a Virginia, MN near the National Hockey Hall of Fame and there is a Romulus, MI near the Detroit airport for Star Trek fans, but I don't know of many other names like that. A good listen.

I was very young in 1975, but I don't recall any law that required a woman to have a baby just because her husband wanted her to - and aren't most heads of major media empires - like Ted Turner or Rupert Murdock - notoriously bossy? And isn't Murdock married to someone MUCH younger than he? Oh, but then, he's a MAN - and thus, he's just considered successful. The main character in this story was, unfortunately for her, born a woman, and thus, for the very same behavior, she deserved to die. I love listening to CBSRMT, and am very grateful for this website, AND if this story is indicative of the sexism typical of the 1970's, I'm also grateful that I wasn't an adult female back in 1975!

Death in the Stars in great my favorite.

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