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CBSRMT Episode Information
A Coffin for the Devil
A man gathers a group of specialists along with the famous E. G. Marshall and reads them a very old letter written by one of his ancestors. The letter narrates the events regarding a young mortician's assistant and a peculiar man ordering a special coffin for himself.
Air Dates:
First Run - January 27, 1975
Repeat - April 8, 1975
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11 Responses to Episode 0213

Good Show! I give this listen 4 stars. The ending is a surprise! I have listened to several now! Very happy to have found this, used to listen when i was younger!

Another atmospheric, spooky episode. Had to check the credits to confirm the coffin-seeker wasn't John O'Hurley (Mr. Peterman from "Seinfeld)

Set over a hundred years ago in New England, it concerned a young man who went to work for a mortician, and was paid a visit one stormy night by a man who wanted to design his own coffin. He said he'd died before and wanted, essentially, to be buried his own way "this time". The mortician's assistant and his friend who were there were deeply scared by the man, although they took his money and agreed on a date when the coffin would be ready. The assistant convinces his employer, a devout Christian, to be there at the time when the man picks up his coffin. The man does arrives and does pick it up, literally, and carries it out of the mortuary. The employer and his apprentice follow him to a cemetary (on a cloudy night, of course). The assistant leaves and warns his employer to do the same, saying something supernatural is at work. The boss disagrees, and goes INTO the cemetary, saying that he believes the man is simply mentally ill and needs help immediately. Later there is a strange confrontation between the coffin-buyer and the mortician, but the latter says "I am a Christian. I believe that we will all be raised from the dead in the future (at the time of Christ's return). But I don't believe in ghosts." There's some interesting developments later in the story that maybe (or maybe not) call the mortician's character into question, but the way the story ends one gets the feeling that the mortician, who survived the encounter in the cemetary pretty much unscathed, was right.

A man recounts the tale of his ancestor who was an undertaker and the strange coffin he was commissioned to build at the request of a remarkable gentleman who sketched out the exact specifications of a coffin he wished built for himself in the shape of a case for a concert bass. The tale recounts the undertaker’s dealings with this strange man, and how it came into the possession of his present day relative.

Well performed with good sound quality. I usually listen to these stories while working at the computer. Usually I can follow the stories pretty easily without giving them my full attention, but I think this one requires a bit more concentration to fully grasp what's going on.

Wow. I loved this one! Great setup, story, atmosphere, and payoff. And it's fun to have E.G Marshall be more of a part of the story. One of my favorites!

One of the best shows of the series!

I always listen to this on Halloween.

Not a bad little tale. I enjoyed the episode. The sound effects were spot on. It's nice to hear dramatic music to convey a thrill instead of the standard cues CBSMT usually uses.

Wow, Keir Dullea did a wonderful job

POSSIBLE SPOILER ALERT**** I have listened to this one over and over again. Could someone please help me with the ending? Was he a ghost? Did the undertaker rob Wells Fargo? What happened? Please help, RJMGREEN@AOL.COM

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