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CBSRMT Episode Information
The Flowers of Death
Dionysus, a god in Greek mythology appears in modern times and charms a young lady living in a suburb. Her husband brings his boss home so he can evaluate them for a promotion. Apart from this, the neighborhood is buzzing about her special talent with flowers.
Air Dates:
First Run - January 24, 1975
Repeat - April 5, 1975
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4 Responses to Episode 0211

An agent in a competitive business works very hard to achieve success at his work, and shoots for promotion in every way possible. His big boss is in town and he wants to invite him to his home to make an impression. He talks to his wife about it and she agrees. The boss is very particular about things and sees a stable and well mannered spouse as an integral part of success in the corporation. In fact, one of his associates was fired because his wife was a ‘hippy’ and spouted all sorts of nonsense. Our agent’s wife, while at home one day is visited by a man claiming to be the ancient god Dionysis who sweeps her off her feet and grants her the wish of a beautiful and vibrant garden. She is overcome with emotion and appears to have lost the taste for climbing the social and corporate ladder in favour of a quieter life devoted to love and her garden. This, of course, is exactly the kind of ‘flake’ the big boss frowns upon.

An interesting story, especially considering the episode before it is similar in the idea that current lifestyles are too much and we need to go back to previous lifestyles to enjoy life better. Too bad her husband finds that out too late.

Extremely trite and lazy writing from the usually reliable Sam Dann, and another ridiculous and unbelievable performance by McCambridge as a much younger woman. You'll miss nothing skipping this one.

I found it quite moving in many ways and the female lead compelling. Her voice is quite special and really drew me in. But there you go, different strokes.....

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