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CBSRMT Episode Information
What Happened to Mrs. Forbush?
The ghost of a sea captain's wife plagues an abandoned house by the sea, and the water nearby is haunted by the spirit of the captain. A frail child and his family are caught in the tempest.
Air Dates:
First Run - September 16, 1974
Repeat - November 8, 1974
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5 Responses to Episode 0148

A pretty standard-issue 'New England ghost story' that doesn't really bring any surprises to the table. Solid performances from the female leads, but it's always distracting hearing grown women act the part of children, particularly boys. Not bad, just nothing new.

This is the type of Radio Mystery Theater episode I remember the most from my childhood. It had mystery, a young boy as a main character, and a ghost. This would be a fun episode to play for your children (ages 10 and up) if you can tear them away from the TV or computer. 4 stars.

A family takes lease on a holiday seaside house that has been unoccupied for many years. Their son has been confined to house rest because of an illness and has recently been given a clean bill of health. The home was originally built by a seafaring captain and his wife. Shortly after taking possession the husband is called away on business and the wife and son remain. That night the ghost of the sailor’s wife visits and the wife, being a believer in ghosts, engages in a lengthy conversation on quite friendly terms. The ghost issues a warning…

Predictable, but fun. Ghost story.

Not bad. This show had good plot and wonderful suspense. I really enjoyed listening to the show. I was rooting for the mom to survive. It turned out the opposite of what I expected. Nice!!!

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