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CBSRMT Episode Information
The Boatman and the Devil
('Anton Chekov story')
A young Russian is exiled to Siberia and determined to bring his family with him into the barren wilderness. He is encouraged by the boatman in charge of transporting the exiles to cease his attempts.
Air Dates:
First Run - December 7, 1982
(No Repeat) - January 1, 1970
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9 Responses to Episode 1399

This is an excellent site!! Thanks Paul

This was the last episode of Mystery Theater. I wish that it was better. It was a mundaine story where the ending with a send off from Himan Brown was far more interesting than the script. I wonder how many people have lestened to all 1,399 episodes?... 2 stars

Yes Davy there is a person who listened to all 1399 episodes on line.I used to listen to them back in the day.What a joy to find them on line. I personally think you started at the wrong end Davy.Start at 001, which by the way had Agnes Morehead in it.Its fun to listen to the progress made as the years go bye. I started listening to these about Thanksgiving 2011, and just listened to the last one.I wish they had the stars when I started listening.Oh well I'll just go back and start again till I get to the one I started rating.Thanks a lot Paul, this is the most fun I've had that didn't involve a gas motor in a long time.And for you newbes, you can't judge CBSRMT till you've listened to a few of them.Good luck, and if you need some help, you've got my email address.

These really take me back. I can remember listening in Chicago back around the tender age of about seven (in '74.) They'd come and go in my life over the next eight years, but remained an indelible part of my childhood. What a tremendous gift you've given me in making all of these available again. I hope I can spark an interest in my 5 year old girl.

Anton Chekhov's story was more of a Drama than a Mystery. Sasha the Boatman (played by Alexander Scourby) was like an Anti-Hero. He had nothing & wanted nothing and that's how he survived in Siberia with all the characters in Exile. The CBSRMT series should've ended with a better episode, something with detectives/ghosts instead of a tale of agony/despair. Anyway, check out this FINAL episode, everyone.

I really liked this show. I think that things like this should stay here forever. It was a mix of horror and suspense. Thanks, CBS!

This was a very interesting tale

The show of the week is The Boatman Interesting one

"The Boatman and the Devil" is my favorite

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