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CBSRMT Episode Information
The Ninth Commandment
In a strange turn of events, a wealthy woman falls for a man who tries to break into her house. When he is later arrested for homicide, he sacrifices his freedom for the sake of keeping her safe.
Air Dates:
First Run - October 4, 1982
Repeat - December 20, 1982
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4 Responses to Episode 1377

(which is: "Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor") A burglar breaks into the home of a wealthy aspiring politician, and discovers his wife...awake. She in turn discovers that the burglar is handsome, educated at Yale (yes, YALE :? ) and that she's falling in love with him. (This part of the episode, God help me, reminded me of a story I read in a lower-tier men's magazine in my younger, more foolish days.) A day or so later, her brother, a physician who is also a bit of a psychologist when it comes to understanding his sister, remarks that she's got such a happy glow that if he didn't know better he'd think she was having an affair. Her happiness is short lived, however, when it turns out that a woman in her condominium complex was murdered that same night, and the chief suspect, recently incarcerated, is her burglar paramour. The burglar's an ex-con, but the investigating officer (who knows him from his previous offense) also believes he's innocent, and that he knows someone who can prove he wasn't in the apartment where the murder takes place. Problem is, the suspect won't tell who that person who can confirm his innocence is, and she (with her husband's career in mind) certainly doesn't want to say anything, either. This one has a weird (IMHO) ending...

This is one of the weaker stories, with a ridiculous ending. It's too bad, since Michael Tolan and Teri Keane are so good in it. But for a Yalie, Dick, named so appropriately, is a genuine nimrod.

Earl Hammond has a cool voice.

I enjoyed this epsisode because this episode talks about the 10 commandments. This burglar describes what the word thief means. This burglar talks about how his former classmates at Yale are thieves in a different way by being bankers,brokers,lawyers and politicians. For example, people in this world who have always had government jobs working for the city,state county and federal government, will always vote for a Liberal politician because these Liberal politicians will always raise taxes to do their stealing for them. This is a different way of stealing to keep these government jobs and government programs from being cut. I can't say more about this epsiode that has not already been said. Great episode and enjoyed it to the very end. The problem with this episode was the ending. Horrible ending. If every ending was predictable it would be boring. I still gave this episode 5 stars.

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