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CBSRMT Episode Information
The Different People
An anthropologist stumbles across a letter written during the Civil War indicating that a group of veterans may have discovered the secret of immortality. In order to validate the information, he tries to locate the whereabouts of the soldiers named in the missive.
Air Dates:
First Run - May 21, 1982
Repeat - August 27, 1982
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5 Responses to Episode 1331

A nice episode with an interesting concept. This 1982 episode was recorded from a Detroit radio station, with a commercial that mentions the Troy Motor Mall and an Apple Computer instructional seminar held near Telegraph and Maple Road.

What a distinct episode. Very enjoyable with a strange ending. Reminded me of M. Knight Shamalamadingdong's "The Village." 5 stars.

The radio station in question that this episode was broadcast on would be WWJ.

"The Different People" is just the beginning of a rollicking good story. Christopher Tabori shines as the professor out to find the hiding place of the immortals. Arnold Moss, who wrote the story, is tops as Captain Partridge who's trying to protect his clan. The ending is shocking but less so because it's a shadow of things that have really happened to cult groups since this play was recorded. Typical of Arnold Moss stories, there are enough loose ends to construct a sequel but best leave that to your own imagination

Holy plot holes, Batman! For starters, the first indication that Alan "Bick" Bixby might be one of "the Partridge family" was that he fell off a cliff unscathed.

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