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CBSRMT Episode Information
Who Is Jessica Worth?
Based on the true story of an amnesiac woman cycling between multiple personalities. Her concussed state has also given her the power of paracognition.
Air Dates:
First Run - February 4, 1981
Repeat - March 12, 1981
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1 Response to Episode 1155

At the beginning of this story, E.G. says this is "based upon a true happening". The story opens up with a doctor who's treating Miss Worth, a young woman who has been living with her upper middle-aged aunt and uncle since her parents died in a boating accident. The doctor says she'll be fine, even though she was given a concussion after being thrown from a horse after riding in an area she shouldn't have. Jessica asks her name, and says her name is about the only thing she remembers about herself right then. The doctor makes friends with her family, and is in fact visiting them when Jessica is hit by an automobile outside their house. Again, she suffers a concussion, though she's fortunate that the rest of her body heals quickly. In the hospital, however, she now cannot recognize her aunt or uncle. Talking with her doctor as he's about to leave the hospital to visit a fellow doctor for dinner, Jessica says she's feeling very tired and is going into a deep sleep...she does, in the form of a 5-week coma. When she awakens, she doesn't believe she's Jessica, but wants to be called another name. In fact, she doesn't appear to be the same person. Wanting to be called "Tiffany" she's fine except: A) one of her arms will barely move, and; B) she's quite artistically talented. She goes again to live with her uncle and aunt, and lives 5 years as "Tiffany" before going into a coma spontaneously again. She awakens again as "Jessica", has the use of both hands, and asks if her doctor made it safely to his dinner with the doctor friend. Now, however, she seems to be losing the sight of her eyes but can still "see" things. In fact, it appears to her that her vision is emanating from the top of her head. She can describe things many feet away from her in great, clairvoyant detail...

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