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CBSRMT Episode Information
The Last Days of Pompeii (1 of 5) - The City of the Dead
('Edward George Bulwer-Lytton story')
On a ship bound for Pompeii, Marcus saves a blind slave girl named Lydia and falls in love with the lady Orianna. A devout worshipper of the god Isis, the young slave riles up her fellow women to make demands. Meanwhile, lady Orianna's belief in the pagan god falls as she discovers Christianity.
Air Dates:
First Run - January 7, 1980
Repeat - July 21, 1980
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5 Responses to Episode 1045

Thought I'd tackle this 5 part series. What better way to spend part of a weekend than by indulging in an epic! First thing I noticed was the pacing. Certainly was different than other episodes. This episode served primarily to introduce the characters - sets up the individuals that we presumably will be following for the next 4 episodes. I will need to listen to it again to really get hold of the story line. At this point, there's a blind girl befriended by a wealthy young man who saves her from being run over by a cart. He encounters her in different places throughout the episode and ends up purchasing her from the owner of a bar where she is serving as a barmaid. Another part of the story line is this man's desire to find a woman whose face has been haunting him. He discovers her quite by accident after approaching a religious leader and leaving a donation to have his prayers in this regard answered. His friend asks for good shipping conditions for his business but leaves copper rather than gold and is encountering bad luck and misfortune.

yeah i felt like i watched a movie after listening to them all. I was able to do other things aswell very easy to folow this story.

I remember that one. It was to commemorate the 1900th anniversary of Pompeii's burial by Mount Vesuvius.

that was a good one

The ones that I enjoy hearing over and over again.

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