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CBSRMT Episode Information
Tiger, Tiger Burning Bright
A woman comes to a psychiatrist complaining of unexplained anxiety and sickness. Under hypnosis, she reveals a concealed memory of a vicious and fatal tiger attack that took place more than a hundred years ago.
Air Dates:
First Run - August 13, 1979
Repeat - December 4, 1979
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3 Responses to Episode 1003

Great acting!! Interesting, though very sad ultimately..

Touching and haunting even without a murder or the supernatural.

A very good story,espcially if you like big cats, and well played by the cast . . . audio quality is good too, which is important to any story. On my scale of one thru eight (eventually you'll see my scale explained) it pulls a strong 4 - which means "good - worth listening." Oh, by the way, coming from a guy who once actually held a Bengal tiger cub in my arms, it reminds me of "WHAT was I thinking ? ! ?

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