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Velita Gray (Actor)
(1951 - ) Age 66
Veleka Gray appeared on Love of Life from 1977-1980.

Date Episode Title Plot
1980-01-08 1046 Last Days of Pompeii (2 of 5) - Thrown to the Lions (The) In the aftermath of a devastating earthquake, Julia takes advantage of the chaos and casts a love spell on Marcus with the...
1980-01-14 1050 Better Half (The) Despite having murdered her in a fit of envious rage, a young ad agency executive continues to receive advice from his...
1980-08-04 1106 This Deadly Fraternity A series of mysterious deaths occur on the Hell week anniversary of a college fraternity. Despite orders from his boss to...
1980-10-22 1129 Confession After discovering that his broker has been fleecing him for months, he secures a signed confession in order to get his...
1981-03-09 1169 Murder on the Space Shuttle In this outer space murder mystery, the legendary Sherlock Holmes meets the equally famous Buck Rogers.
1981-12-23 1270 Head of a Pin (The) A silicon chip engineer discovers the design flaw that caused a commuter plane to explode. He takes his findings to the...

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