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Robert Green (Actor)

Date Episode Title Plot
1975-02-18 0225 Love Me And Die A young woman has recently married, but is plagued by her ex-husband's ghost. He died in an accident while rock climbing and...
1975-05-21 0277 Don't Let It Choke You An aged and widowed antique trader is forced to adopt a teenage girl. As he tries to communicate with her despite their many...
1975-08-04 0320 Devil's Boutique (The) After chancing upon a charming boutique in a quaint resort city in the Caribbean, an arrogant and self-absorbed couturier...
1976-05-06 0480 What a Change in Hilda For two women, a small fee to obtain their heart's desire seemed a reasonable price to pay. Little did they know that would...
1977-01-19 0588 Woman in Red (The)
An unlikely thief steals a famous painting. The person who made off with the masterpiece has highly specific and long...

3 Responses to Robert Green

I like a lot of the infrequent actors on CBSRMT. One of my favorites is Robert L. Green. I think of him as the Vincent Price of Mystery Theater. He's especially good as a creepy cult figure in What a Change in Hilda. I can't find any info on the guy.

There is a radio interview with him and the voices match up. Since the first radio play he was in was about a fashion designer, I suppose that is how he got the part. He was quite famous at the time, living in New York and pretty much retired from Playboy when he was doing CBSRMT.

Wow thanks Steven . I did come across that Robert L. Green in my search and didn't think it could have been the same person. It seems to fit.

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